A vivid portrait of the politicization and activism of the individual whose name is still synonymous with genius. As so adroitly described here, Albert Einstein was 'the first intellectual pop star.
Stephen M. Silverman, author of David Lean

Reveals the fascinating and little-known history of Einstein's work for social change, reminding us of the inextricable link between speaking the truth and healing the world. At a time when science itself is under attack, its stories of the famous physicist's life-long commitment to peace and social justice offer urgent lessons for today.
Peter Miller, Filmmaker of Sacco and Vanzetti & Jews and Baseball

In this fascinating program, biographers and scholars track Einstein’s rise to the “Intellectual Pop Star” of his age. He used his notoriety to speak out against racism, nationalism, nuclear war and in support of abortion, gay rights and universal peace. This nicely shot, well illustrated program is a wonderful introduction to the man, his keen mind, and his powerful sense of morality in a time torn with war and racism.

Get ready to have your image of Einstein changed for the better. One of the more fascinating aspects of Newman’s documentary is the way she captures that transitional moment between a genius unknown outside his own particular circle and a celebrity. Directed by Julia Newman, Still A Revolutionary - Albert Einstein, gives viewers a closer look at the man and his influence on the world beyond anything he did in math or physics. He not only stood up for what he believed in, he wasn’t afraid to act against injustice when he saw it.

Director Julia Newman has created an enlightening profile of the man Time Magazine named its Person of the Century. “Still A Revolutionary - Albert Einstein” is so timely right now - it’s scary.

Still a Revolutionary Albert Einstein is a documentary on DVD about a lesser-known aspect of one of the most celebrated scientists of all time. Albert Einstein is famous for his genius, but in his day he was also a political activist. He was an anti-war firebrand, and he spoke openly on social issues ranging from women's rights to racism, immigration, and nuclear arms control. Still a Revolutionary Albert Einstein draws upon archival footage, correspondence, new interviews, and more to offer an extraordinary glimpse into this remarkable man and his multifaceted contributions to history. Still a Revolutionary Albert Einstein is highly recommended, especially for public and school library DVD collections. 80 min.
Library Bookwatch - Midwest Book Review

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